Website Credits

Many of the website pages include an acknowledgement of the contributors. However, there are some contributed who more than a page’s content. The following people and organisations made a significant contribution to the creation of this website.


Contributor (alphabetical order)
Sean Dee Photographs of Rathkeale's St. Patrick's Day Parade
Peter Donovan Photographs of Rathkeale and the work of the Tidy Towns volunteers
Anne Gaughan Content donated from Rathkeale Online, the site she developed and managed for over 10 years.
Agnes Lamont Adopting the copy for many of the organization profiles.
David Lamont Website setup design, project management and copywriting of most of the initial pages.
Olga Makarova Researching the local businesses for the Rathkeale Directory
Feeding news to the Rathkeale News page
Maintaining the Event Calendar
Taking or acquiring photographs

Organisations & Other

Contributor Attribution
Pngtree Picture frame used in banners Graphics from
Unknown Some photos by unknown authors are licensed under Creative Commons.

Some Messages

Occasionally you will see a message page that tells you that something needs to be fixed. It could be planned maintenance or an unknown bug. Either way, we would appreciate a note to let us know.

Such pages include: