Dohyle Lough: West Limerick’s Potential Premier Outdoor Amenity


Dohyle Lough is an existing amenity with two car parks, a marina, toilets, several buildings, a stone amphitheatre and access to the only nearby lake. It is remembered fondly by those who used it for boating, fishing and swimming. The enclosed facility is just 500 meters from a Rathkeale to Adare Greenway, 1 kilometer from the N21, 5 minutes from Main Street and 15 minutes from Newcastle West, the largest town outside the city. With Rathkeale at the elbow of the Foynes to Limerick motorway (Adare Bypass) it may soon be just 20 minutes from many of the 94,000 people in Limerick City.

Although the facility was vandalised and abandoned to nature, the structures appear sound. Dohyle Lough could be reopened as a financially viable attraction that helps rejuvenate Rathkeale by bringing visitors and their spending power to the town. It could also engage local youth (both Traveller and settled) in the planning, restoration, and operation of the park.You can help reopen Dohyle Lough by writing a support letter (optional Dohyle-Lough-support-template.) You can also get in touch if you are considering renting space for bike hires, boating, a market kiosk, events or otherwise might participate in Dohyle’s success. David Lamont, Rathkeale’s Dohyle Lough Champion, can be reached by email at


Canal and walk to lake

Christmas Kayaking 2005

Video: Lake to marina


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