Editorial Policy of the Rathkeale Community Council

This website champions the inclusive, progressive and principled community of Rathkeale in Limerick, Ireland. It’s for the benefit of the all the people who are proud to be here. We highlight useful and fun information about the community and advocate for high standards and respect.

We are:

  • pro sports, clubs and charity;
  • pro-business and farm;
  • pro-jobs and income;
  • pro-well-kept and rising property values;
  • pro-pleasant and healthy living;
  • welcoming to friendly visitors, politicians and celebrities.

If you think this website is for you then:

  • Bookmark it so you can visit it again
  • Engage with us by letting us know about the events and successes in your areas of interest.

Advertising and Promotion Policy

The Rathkeale Community Council is pro-business and jobs, so we do help promote local, community friendly, business with listings and news of special events such as sales.

Organisation Profile Submission Tips

This website profiles local clubs, societies, businesses and people (referred to here as an organisation.) This information is provided by the relevant organisation, not necessarily the Rathkeale Community Council.

We’ll happily review profiles for inclusion but reserve the right to ask for edits, request reciprocal links from your webpages to ours, or decline publication.

Please follow these guidelines if you wish to submit a profile for consideration:


  • About one A4 page submitted as a Microsoft Word file. Shorter is OK.
  • Highlight headings, but otherwise don’t format the document because the style is determined by our webmaster.
  • Write as a 3rd party observer (e.g. “the club plays…”, not “we play…”)
  • Don’t submit an advertisement as a profile.

Although you can provide updates, think about the work required to maintain the profile in years to come:

  • All information referring to this year will be old by January 1. Remember, current news/events may be submitted for our News page.
  • Terms like “10 years ago” will not be accurate next year.
  • Committees/management/players may change.

Suggested structure of the profile:

  • State what the organisation does and why that is good/relevant to the reader/community/members.
  • Highlight notable achievements and past events.
  • Tell the reader how they can participate/join.
  • Provide links to current/changing information on your own website and/or social media pages.
  • Provide contact information (address, phone number, email address.)
  • Finish with this paragraph (appropriately edited): “Page content provided by [full name] of [the organisation name].”
  • Appropriately note any trademark or copyrights and their owners.

Photos & Logos: Email the files (preferably in .png format.)

Submitting to the Rathkeale News Page

The News page is fed from our Rathkeale Rising Facebook page so all posts start there. Anyone can submit a Post for review. If approved, it will appear on our Facebook feed.

Here is the process:

1 Log into your Facebook account and go to the Rathkeale Rising Facebook page.

2 Enter your post in the Write a post... box just below the banner.

3 Click the 3 dots below the post to see the Post button.

4 Click the Post button.

Adding a Rathkeale News Post

Linking to this Website

The Rathkeale Community Council appreciates links to the rathkeale.com homepage of this site. Such links help others find us.

Suggested text for your website or social media page:

  • We are friends of the Rathkeale Community Council (www.rathkeale.com), a non-profit, volunteer run organisation that makes Rathkeale a better place to be.

Rathkeale Directory Listings

To help group listings, the Directory classes organisations and people by the following Types:

  • Business: For profit organisations and businesspeople.
  • Club: An association dedicated to an interest or activity (e.g. football, scouting, etc.)
  • Community Service: Organisations that are not Businesses, Clubs or Societies (e.g. schools, churches, Garda, etc.).
  • Society: An organisation, that is not a club or political party, formed for a particular purpose.
  • Personality: A prominent person that is not a business or politician.
  • Political Party: A political organisation or person representing one.

Organisation Profile Submission Tips

Many of the website pages include an acknowledgement of the contributors. However, there are some who contributed more than a page’s content. Special contributions are acknowledged on the Credits page.

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