Helping Rathkeale

This page uses the convenient URL to enable everyone to easily direct visitors to worthy fundraisers and requests for assistance. These requests often have additional URLs that are difficult to remember and prone to typos. Projects may be independent of the Rathkeale Community Council. Anyone can request a listing if the project makes Rathkeale a better place to be.

By helping you are not just making a donation. You are making a difference.


Finish Beautifying the Shrine and and Pauper’s Graveyard – August 2021

Rathkeale Tidy Towns team needs a few Euros for their final push to beautify our Shrine and Pauper’s Graveyard. They want to finish the left side of the Shrine and enhance the bleak walls at the Graveyard. Earlier donations allowed them to finish the Shrine’s right side. In the Graveyard they removed some old trees, as well as planted a handkerchief tree, a cherry blossom tree, and some hydrangeas. You can help by donating online at


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