Limerick Development Plan

Limerick City and County Council is preparing a new Local Area Plan (LAP) for Rathkeale as part of its Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028. It will set out a land use strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the town. The Proposed Rathkeale Local Area Plan 2023-2029 was published in June.

Submissions or observations are available online for review and comment. There are departmental submissions as well as ones from Bernadette Naughton, Ciss Breen, Patrick Coleman, David Tobin, Maura Doherty, Patrick Flynn and David Lamont.


In the following week David Lamont further analysed the potential of the Housing section and concluded:

The Rathkeale Local Area Plan (LAP) should recognise that the outside world considers towns as single entities and thereby enhance Rathkeale’s capacity to compete for residents, visitors, shoppers, resources, and positive attention. This Housing Impact on Rathkeale 2028 Economy (pdf) analysis shows that a full build can increase the town’s economy by 66% while meeting the predicted needs of year-round, migrant and one-bedroom households. However, the LAP is insufficiently specific to ensure this outcome, so the Rathkeale community requests a say in actual planning permission decisions. Comments to the A Community Seat at the Planning Permission Table submission can me made online.