Rathkeale Together

A poem by the Rathkeale Women’s Group

The poem, Rathkeale Together, is a powerful celebration of the town of Rathkeale and its people, in the face of negative stereotypes and media coverage. The speaker, a woman, proudly proclaims her identity as a Traveller and a resident of Rathkeale and challenges the outsider’s perspective of the town as a “living hell.”

The poem is a moving and defiant assertion of the speaker’s own truth and the resilience of the Rathkeale community. It is a call to action for the people of Rathkeale to unite and celebrate their town, despite the stigma that it faces.

The poem is also a celebration of the power of women and community. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the women of Rathkeale in building a strong and supportive community. She also highlights the importance of self-care and the need for women to come together to support each other.

Overall, Rathkeale Together is a powerful and inspiring poem that celebrates the resilience, strength, and unity of the Rathkeale community.

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