Limerick Public Participation Network

The Limerick Public Participation Network (PPN) is a countywide network that facilitates people from the community, social inclusion, and environmental pillars to participate in local decision-making and policy-development structures. It is part of the framework for public participation in local government and it has a statutory basis in the Local Government Reform Act 2014. Membership is made up of eligible groups/organisations – not individuals. The Rathkeale Community Council re-joined as a member in February 2021.

There are 5 Strategic Policy Committees (SPC): Travel & Transportation; Climate Action, Biodiversity & Environment; Economic Development, Enterprise & Planning; Community, Leisure & Culture; and Home & Social Development.

Linkage Groups are external committees who have a particular interest or expertise in the issues being discussed by a Strategic Policy Committee. They ensure that all PPN members can play a direct role in choosing their representatives on council committees, participate in influencing policies that affect them, and are kept up to date with developments.

The Rathkeale Community Council will endeavour to engage on policy topics that may have a material impact on Rathkeale. Initially, the council has joined the following Linkage Groups:

The Economic Development, Enterprise & Planning SPC is responsible for all areas of policy concerning the council’s economic development, enterprise and planning functions. David Lamont represents the Rathkeale Community Council in this group.

The Community, Culture and Leisure SPC engages with elected members and community stakeholders in developing and implementing strategies for community development and infrastructure, tourism, library services, sports and leisure, arts and age-friendly initiatives. David Lamont represents the Rathkeale Community Council in this group.

The Rathkeale Community Council welcomes opinions and thoughts from the community. It asks that such input is constructive and that the person communicating it credentials themselves (e.g. Chairperson of a Rathkeale organisation, active volunteer working on…, etc.) David Lamont is best reached by email at . Letters can be sent for his attention to the Community Council office. His telephone number is (087) 362 7113.

Some topics of interest are listed on the PPN Notes page.