Ráth Caola Le Chéile


Ráth Caola Le Chéile is a group that consists of individuals that live in or work in the town of Rathkeale.

The group formed out of some workshops that were initiated by the Pre-Social Cohesion Project. West Limerick Resources employ a Development Officer to facilitate the day to day running of the work of the Pre-Social Cohesion Project. The three churches, The Roman Catholic, The Church of Ireland and The Methodist Church together support the work of the Project and all have representatives engaged with the Project.

Ráth Caola Le Chéile meets on average once a month in the Parish Hall usually on a Friday evening. The meeting looks at ways that the group can be a means for development and cohesion in the town. This is done generally by hosting ‘learning events.’

In mid-2019 the group invited Professor Gianpiero Cavalleri to speak about the case for a genetic basis for Traveller ethnicity. Approximately 35/40 people attended. His contribution was very well presented and was really interesting. As a follow up on this event Professor Cavalleri asked if Ráth Caola Le Chéile would be interested in hosting a DNA session for members of the Travelling population.

The group is grassroots, community-based, people led movement. We do need new members, we do need your voice and experience in our effort to develop healthy, positive and respectful relationships across the community.

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