Rathkeale Challenge Championship Rathkeale Rising Challenge Champion Awards

The Rathkeale Rising Challenge Champion Awards recognise those who made our community a better place to be by the work they do and the resources they contribute. We thank those people for the helping hand and to encourage others to do their bit.

These Champions include the humble people that contribute without seeking glory. They are the coaches, club/society administrators, politicians, administrators, and regular volunteers who do everything from organising, to fundraising to tidying up the town. In other words, they are the often-overlooked backbone of our community. They will receive our thanks at a ceremony and a unique Challenge Coin as a keepsake.

In 2019 the people of Rathkeale chose a diverse set of 52 Champions that include the Tidy Town’s crew, the council street sweeper, a teacher, a Limerick County Council administrator, Gardaí, a journalist, a Special Olympian, a prolific marathon runner, community and county councillors, members of the Traveller community, people who run popular clubs/societies, local employers and TDs. 2020 Champions will be thanked in 2021 when Covid allows us to hold a ceremony.

Anyone can nominate someone for their outstanding contribution to Rathkeale. Contributions range from volunteering time, to marshalling resources, to personal achievements that bring credit the community. Nominations are requested by November 5th, 2021. Some questions are answered on the Question & Answers page.

Everyone can play a part in making Rathkeale a better place to be. A good place to start is to join the Volunteer Pool a program that helps match peoples’ interests and skills with the needs of the community.