River Deel and River Walk

At the heart of Rathkeale flows the River Deel. The River Walk starts at the entry to the Limerick Greenway by the former railway building and meets the Deel at the metal bridge. Turning left at the bridge brings you along the banks of the Deel to the stone bridge on Main Street. From there you can turn left, walk up Main Street, then turn left on the R518, past St. Mary’s Church, the playground and loop back to the former railway building. This loop is popular with locals and dog walkers, so prepare to be met with smiles and tail wags. If you turn right after the metal bridge on the Greenway, you will walk by the Deel and under the N21. While the Greenway leads West, the Deel flows on to the North.

The Deel rises near Dromina in County Cork, winds its way through West Limerick for about 60km, making its way North into the Shannon Estuary just beyond Askeaton. Before arriving in Rathkeale the Deel is joined by the River Arra, which flows through Newcastle West. For most of its journey, the Deel passes through pastoral farmland, as well as the communities of Milford, Castlemahon, Rathkeale and Askeaton.

Once a popular fishing river for salmon and trout, the river has in recent years been threatened by a crayfish plague. Closer to the estuary, the Deel has been classified as Class 3 white-water for kayaking.

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