Rathkeale Statistics


These Statistically Speaking reports combine research and experience to offer insights into the vitality and potential of Rathkeale. They are published with the belief that leadership can transform facts, bring about change, and with community activism make Rathkeale a better place to be. Each report can be read on its own, but to fully understand the interconnectedness of the issues and opportunities facing Rathkeale, it is recommended to read them all.

The Rathkeale in Brief (2/2/24, 2 pages) has bullet-point statistics from the 2022 CSO Census and other sources.

The Population Brief (15/11/23, 7 pages) is an analysis of 2022 Census data and Pobal Deprivation Index. Rathkeale’s population data is important because it can be used by local organisations to justify applications for resources and by the agencies for considering such. Additionally, it can be used to market the town as part of any rejuvenation efforts. The analysis is also important because a superficial look incorrectly indicates that Rathkeale has shrunk. That is because the CSO has different area maps for the town in 2022 and 2016.

The Occupancy Brief (31/12/23, 1 page) shows that Rathkeale is unique insofar as it houses a large migrant Traveller population that results in absent shoppers for 7 of 12 months. This significantly reduces the town’s occupancy, disadvantaging its economy. The 2022 census indicates that 30% of the Rathkeale Usually Resident population are Irish Travellers, up from 23% in 2016.

The In the News brief (1/6/24, 2 pages) recognises that mainstream media, especially newspapers, radio, and TV, have a significant influence on how people perceive unfamiliar places. And with most having an online presence the stories accumulate for those searching for information. In turn, these perceptions are spread by word-of-mouth. This matters to Rathkeale because it receives a notable percentage of negative coverage most of which is not exposed to locals through social media.

The Crime Rate Brief (31/12/23, 1 page) looks at 2022 Recorded Incidents at town Garda stations. These latest available CSO statistics are no longer “under advisement.”

The Property Values (7/11/23, 2 pages) brief recognises that measuring residential property values helps people know what a home may be worth for buying, selling, refinancing, loan collateral, taxes, and/or insurance. The numbers also help assess the health of the housing market and the desirability of a place, although supply and personal preferences also play a role.

The Better Rathkeale Poll (28/9/23 referring to a 2020 survey, 1 page) summarised three related online surveys about what would make Rathkeale a better place to be, producing indicative opinions relevant to rejuvenating the local economy.

The Convent Future Use Survey (5/10/20, 28 pages) gave the Rathkeale community an opportunity to express their opinions about the future use of the facility. The desire to see the facility used to help the parish of Rathkeale and for it to generate income, so it is not a financial burden (financially feasible), was clearly stated. The survey results were subsequently ignored.

Proposed Local Area Plan 2023 to 2029 zoning.

These ideas for Recreating a Vibrant, Thriving Rathkeale (9/5/24, 2 pages) summarises a strategy to create the positive experiences that make people want to live, shop and visit.


Updates and Submissions

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