Rathkeale Surveys

This page facilitates surveys about Rathkeale so we can learn more about local opinions for the purpose of planning. Such opinions are not available from public information sources such as the Central Statistics Office (CSO.) Select interesting information will be presented here in aggregate, without referencing individual responses (considered confidential.)

Participating in a survey could give you the chance to win a €50 One4All gift card. Each question answered counts as a raffle “ticket” and the winner will be drawn from those who choose to provide contact information. Participants do not have to provide contact information and can remain anonymous. You can answer questions across multiple surveys, but repeating the same survey question will not result in multiple “tickets.” The raffle will be held when about 100 surveys are completed. More information is available from David Lamont via the Contact Us page.

What Type of businesses would you like to see in Rathkeale?

24 May Update: Nobody voted for these businesses: Accountants, Architect, B&B, Brewing / Distilling, Carpenter, Chiropractor, Cyber/Internet Cafe, Dairy Products, Data Centre, Dietician, Electrician, Fish Farming, Fondue Restaurant, Freight/Delivery/Courier, Graphic Design services, Off-licence, Opticians, Osteopath, Paid Tours, Plumber, Potatoes, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Road worthiness testing, Security Services, Sheep Farm, and Vehicle rental service.

You can have your say.

Click here to see a list of businesses and simply check the top 5 that you would like to see in Rathkeale.

What would make Rathkeale a better place to be?

This question was asked in May 2020 and you may still answer it. Here are the results as of May 12th.

Rathkeale’s Reliable Electorate

This was not a survey question but rather an analysis of publicly available information in May 2020. Looking at about 10 years of voting history, the electoral district that includes Rathkeale had a higher than average voter turnout. When Rathkeale was on its own it had a turnout 6% above the average overall turnout at local elections. Now combined with Adare, the Rathkeale turnouts are 2% or 3% above the average overall turnout at local elections. In the 2020 General Election the Adare-Rathkeale district accounted for 33% of the Limerick County electorate. In other words, a politician who wins the Rathkeale vote gains an advantage.

About Rathkeale

This was not a survey question but rather an analysis of the 2016 Census and other publically available information.

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