Rathkeale Surveys and Statistics

This page facilitates surveys and third-party information about Rathkeale. The information is gathered by surveys or by analysing data from public information sources such as the Central Statistics Office (CSO.)

2020 Survey: What would make Rathkeale a better place to be?

David Lamont conducted 3 online surveys to get peoples’ opinions on how to make Rathkeale a better place to be. All respondents believe that Rathkeale can, or should, be improved. Most respondents believe that Rathkeale would be a better place to be with more businesses, more shops on Main Street and a new business/industrial park. They also favoured stricter planning regulation and law/traffic enforcement. The top 5 businesses people would like to see in Rathkeale are a gym, dentist, florist, bakery (large) and a burger restaurant (diner.) Most believe that Rathkeale-run organisations are most likely to succeed at attracting and facilitating more businesses. Over 80% believed a Chamber of Commerce or a for-profit corporation had the greatest chance of success.

The survey responses are an interesting representation of opinions in May and June 2020 but should not be taken as conclusive. A conclusive survey would require more respondents and opinions could change if arguments were made. For example, a not-for-profit Rathkeale Chamber of Commerce was the favoured approach to attracting more businesses to Rathkeale. However, such an organisation existed and was disbanded without notable success. David Lamont’s Rathkeale Better with Business (PDF) summary of the results also contains an opinion that incorporates other factors. He welcomes opinions by email marked for his attention at:

Although the drawing for the €50 One4All card is complete, you can still express your opinion by taking the surveys:

Rathkeale’s Reliable Electorate

This was not a survey question but rather an analysis of publicly available information in May 2020. Looking at about 10 years of voting history, the electoral district that includes Rathkeale had a higher than average voter turnout. When Rathkeale was on its own it had a turnout 6% above the average overall turnout at local elections. Now combined with Adare, the Rathkeale turnouts are 2% or 3% above the average overall turnout at local elections. In the 2020 General Election the Adare-Rathkeale district accounted for 33% of the Limerick County electorate. In other words, a politician who wins the Rathkeale vote gains an advantage.

About Rathkeale

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