Rathkeale Together (Ráth Caola Le Chéile)

Rathkeale Together is the award winning community-based project that promotes cohesion and leadership among the people of Rathkeale. The project is an ecumenical activity of the Methodist, Church of Ireland and Catholic Churches and is overseen by West Limerick Resources. There are four people on the team including Community Development Officer, Denis Robinson, Valerie Foley, Amanda McCarthy and Siobhan Smith. They are based in the Parish Hall on Lower Main Street, Rathkeale.

Those involved with Rathkeale Together have been thanked by the community, receiving 9% of all the Challenge Champion Awards to-date. Their champions include both Travellers and Settled, committee members, the team, and reliable supporters. With these and other awards, including a national Pride of Place prize, they are proud to be Rathkeale’s most acclaimed community organisation.

Community group meetings and events are typically listed on the Rathkeale Event Calendar.

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