Ukrainian Aid from Rathkeale

April 2023 Community Employment Openings  |  апрель 2023 г. Проэкт Общественной Занятости

There are 12 vacancies in the Rathkeale Community Employment Programme. Ukrainian refugees are now eligible to apply. See the attached poster for details.

В Программе занятости сообщества Rathkeale есть 12 вакансий. Украинские беженцы теперь имеют право подать заявку. Подробности смотрите на прикрепленном плакате.


Help Ukraine Refugees in and around Rathkeale – 20 March 2022 by David Lamont
Допоможіть українським біженцям у Раткілі та його околицях

At the beginning of March, Rathkealers, settled and Traveller, donated 441 care packages to Ukrainian refugees entering Poland. It was a huge 5-day display of community generosity, fulfilling the list of items that were requested by the Polish community in Kerry.

By St. Patrick’s Day Rathkeale had Ukrainian refugees in and around the town (50+, including Ardagh) and I was asked if we had leftover toiletries. We had shipped 100% of our supplies to Poland so I asked for more and Rathkealers are again stepping up.

Within hours Rathkealers offered to purchase PJs toiletries and the like. Paddy Fitzgerald offered to donate what was immediately needed from O’Sullivan’s Pharmacy. The Washboard offered to do laundry. Free Local Link bus passes are available as are haircuts and even a child’s bicycle. I was handed a €100 Tesco gift card at the parade and continue to get calls for a list of needed items (see below.)

This situation is different because it’s happening here in real time, I don’t know the needs of the individuals or even how many guests we will have. I don’t know of any who have asked for free stuff, but I expect living out of a suitcase in a strange place when you don’t even speak the language is frightening, especially with children and concern for the men who stayed to fight a military superpower. It must also be challenging for their local hosts.

Here is our plan to help our guests get a start under these dynamic circumstances:

  • Denis Robinson – (087) 698 2416 – of Rathkeale Together (Pre-Social Cohesion Group) has agreed to liaise with our guests. He is at the Rathkeale Community Centre where we will collect and distribute donated supplies and services.
  • David Lamont – (087) 362 7113 – the person behind this website, the Rathkeale Rising Facebook page and the initial collection for Ukrainian refugees, will highlight specific needs and coordinate supplies. The Facebook page will probably be updated more often than this page –

Please deliver everything to the Community Centre. It is open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. My goal is to distribute everything first in Rathkeale, then in surrounding towns. If an item cannot be distributed or returned to the donor it will be given to the Community Charity Shop.

  • Supplies for Welcome Packs. I’ll ask everyone to shop local and to mark boxes/bags for the Ukrainians. Downes Eurospar sells gift cards in any amount.
    Useful supplies include: toiletries, nappies, wipes, baby bottles, sanitary products, toothbrushes, toothpaste. Socks, underwear, nightclothes for children and adults women.
  • Local services coupons (e.g. laundry, hair cuts, restaurants, etc.) are especially welcome as the people are now with us.
  • Gift cards for local shops (e.g. €30 for women and children clothes for because we can’t predict sizes.) will be provided to these in need or used to buy supplies.
  • Adult bikes (in perfect working order, ideally with helmets and locks) are needed to give some independence to those staying in Cahermoyle House, Ardagh. Contact Deirdre at (087) 950 9218 if you can help.
  • I do not want cash. Please don’t be offended if we decline some items that we may not be able to use or store. Our guests are living in rooms, not full houses, so some items are not immediately required.


Ukrainian community contacts:

If our Ukrainian guests want to talk or meet each other, and we have contact details, we will share them privately.
Якщо наші українські гості захочуть поспілкуватися чи зустрітися, і у нас є контактні дані, ми поділимося ними приватно.


Google Translate – will translate English into Ukrainian, allowing written communications. It will also speak the words. It may not be convenient to translate Ukrainian without a Cyrillic keyboard. However, showing a smartphone- or PC-equipped Ukrainian the following message may help.

Ви можете використовувати для перекладу англійською
[You can use to translate into English]

Social Welfare supports for those arriving from Ukraine under the EU Temporary Protection Directive. Information in English and [Ukrainian] Будь ласка, натисніть тут для отримання інформації українською мовою.

Register to accommodate Ukrainian refugees with the Irish Red Cross.

Information about Schools and Childcare 

School Matrix 2 languages r2 (English and Ukrainian український)

City and County Childcare Committees

National Child Care Scheme


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