Rathkeale Rising Challenge Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

If this pages does not answer your question about the Rathkeale Rising Challenge Awards you can email Pat Neville, at pat.neville@rathkeale.com or call him at (087) 279 1240.

How do the people involved in clubs/societies make Rathkeale a better place to be?

Clubs and societies make Rathkeale a better place to be when residents participate in and enjoy the activities they organise. Clubs and societies often bear the town name and win the respect of others by their achievements and the publicity they receive. Of course, the club or society would be nothing more than a name if not for the people who run it. Here are some example nominations:

Jane Doe, a coach for [club name] sports club, fostered fitness, competitiveness and sportsmanship in 30 Rathkeale boys and girls. In 2019 they represented Rathkeale in 10 games. They won 5 matches and the respect of neighbouring towns. Wins, players and the town were highlighted in the Limerick Leader newspaper on 10 July 2019.

John Doe, the secretary of [society name], organised 10 get togethers and helped raise €500 in the past 12 months. The local events were enjoyed by about 50 Rathkeale residents and facilitated the sharing of [type] information on our website. This information is viewed worldwide, generating goodwill and encouraging tourists to visit Rathkeale. Commentators on our Facebook feed have said: [quote]…

Are the award categories?

No, we do not have award categories. Any contribution that makes Rathkeale a better place to be is valued.

Can I nominate someone and remain anonymous?

The nomination form allows a nominator to specifically request anonymity. However, the nominator must identify themselves to the program director.

Can I sponsor the award program?

Rathkeale Challenge Champion Award Sponsor Logo  Yes, sponsors are welcome to contribute prizes.

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